A Different Kind of Black Friday Savings

Last week marked the celebration of our most uniquely American holiday. No, silly, we're not talking about Thanksgiving. We're talking about Black Friday, our national homage to consumerism, conspicuous consumption, and all things capitalist. Walmart and other "big box" retailers pounded a final nail in Thanksgiving's coffin, opening at 8PM that night so shoppers could skip out on the pumpkin pie to save a couple hundred bucks on a flat-screen TV.

And this year, Walmart founder Sam Walton's heirs, who still own 48% of the company, have taken a lesson from their own shoppers. Only, the Waltons aren't just saving hundreds. They've found a way to save millions, just by accelerating a regularly-scheduled dividend payment from January 2 to December 27. (Apparently, they think "everyday low prices" applies to their tax bills, too!)