Business Services

As a full-service CPA and business advisory firm, Scholl & Company provides all of our clients with the precise level of accounting and assurance services that’s right for their business. We have the technical and professional expertise to diagnose your problems and offer established, real-world solutions. You can count on your Scholl & Company team for the clarity and guidance you need move forward with confidence.
With a thorough analysis of each situation, we tailor our accounting and assurance services to deliver exactly what you require. We bring proven experience across a wide range of industries financial services, insurance, education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, construction wholesale and the nonprofit sectors.


Full Service Bookkeeping 

Whether your company is about to make its first sale or has a team of hundreds, Scholl & Company professionals help you make better decisions about your business.

We can provide comprehensive bookkeeping services for your business or personal finances. The last thing you need is the headache of dealing with bank reconciliations, piles of receipts and updating your accounting records. Or, worse yet, always wondering if your records are even providing you with an accurate picture of your business or finances.

We can take all or a part of your bookkeeping burden off of your plate and facilitate the smooth and successful functioning of your finances. A combination of unique processes and cutting edge technology enable us to undertake outsourced bookkeeping activities for Small and Medium Business Enterprises.

We offer bookkeeping services that are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you want us to handle all or part of your bookkeeping, we will help organize and keep your books up-to-date and provide you with financial statements on a monthly or quarterly basis as you need.  We will give you the freedom to work on your business and not on the books.

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Scholl & Company offers a wide variety of payroll and tax filing services at a very competitive rate that will allow you to focus your time and attention on activities that will grow your bottom line. With the complex ever-changing rules that govern payroll and payroll taxes, non-compliance with even one of these regulations can produce a big financial cost to you. Our payroll processing solutions can help you reduce those risks, giving you the peace of mind so that you can focus instead on what’s ahead for your business.                   
                                                                                                      You choose the level of payroll service you need.
Whether you want full 24/7 online payroll processing or just need help preparing your quarterly or annual payroll tax forms and reports you’ll find the team at Scholl & Company stands with you to make life simpler.
After-the-Fact Payroll: We will use the payroll information you provide us and we’ll handle the preparation of all your federal, state and local payroll tax reporting. This includes both quarterly and annual forms.
Full Payroll Services: With our Payroll Services, payroll processing tasks become as simple as a single phone call, fax, email or a visit to our online processing site. We're not set in our ways; we believe it is most important to structure how we process your payroll to best fit you and your business, not ours.

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Business Sales & Acquisitions

Selling your business?
One of the first, and most crucial steps, in the process of selling your business is that of recasting your financial statements. What does this mean?
You've worked hard and wisely to minimize your taxes. You've provided yourself and your family financial rewards, put your children or other family members on the payroll, and reinvested your profits back into capital improvements. All this to keep as much of your business profits and assets in you and your family's hands, and out of the hands of the tax agencies.
Buying a business?
In reality, you’re not buying a business. You’re buying either that business’s tangible assets, customers, their talent (i.e., employees), or their profits. In the best situation you're buying all four.
The acquisition of a business can be a life-changing event involving a large financial commitment and a considerable amount of your time. Performing the proper due diligence is critical to obtaining the facts and accurate information required to make intelligent decisions and reduce your potential risks.
From a buyer's perspective, due diligence refers to the investigation and verification of information involved in a potential investment or acquisition. Doing the homework collecting the necessary legal, financial, and operational documents, and confirming the seller representations and material facts pertaining to the business sale are all part of the due diligence process.
Developing the appropriate due diligence process for your potential purchase is as much art as it is science. 

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cfo & controller services

Today business owners can outsource all or portions of their accounting and finance functions, allowing them to concentrate more fully on running and growing a successful business. Scholl & Company has designed a system for CFO and controllership services that is tailored for each client.

Our clients have come to realize they can trust us for our expertise, judgment, and commitment. We take the time to get to know our client's businesses, so when business and financial decisions get made, we are asked for our input because clients know that no one understands them better than Scholl & Company.

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IRS Audits, notices, compliance & more

No one wants to face the stress and uncertainty of an IRS audit. But, it is not just the IRS that can demand you support your reported amounts. State tax agencies, sales tax agencies, local agencies and special tax districts all can potentially knock on your door.

We know just how to organize your return information to best present your position. Before the scheduled audit appointment we will help you get your records together and organized in such a way that you can clarify and justify your position to the agency. We will help you present to the auditor your information in a straight-forward, factual and lawfully supported manner.

Tax Compliance
At Scholl & Company, CPA, we view tax compliance as much more than just filling in tax forms on time.  Instead, we treat compliance as an important link in a plan to maximize your tax advantages and meet your financial goals.

Tax Planning: A Competitive Edge
It’s vital in today’s economy for you and your business to take advantage of effective tax advice and planning. Effective tax planning can give you and your business a significant competitive advantage. Whether you’re a small owner-managed business or have millions of dollars in sales and many locations you need to incorporate smart legal strategies for reducing federal and state income and capital tax bite at every level.

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