Dying to Save Taxes?

2013 is here, and after months of post-election sound and fury, we took a quick "test leap" off the dreaded "fiscal cliff." Look out below!

By this point, we're all familiar with the income tax consequences of the cliff. The Bush tax cuts expired, as scheduled, on December 31, sending everyone's taxes up. The 2% payroll tax holiday expired at the same time, with no hope of resuscitation. The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), which up until this week had never been indexed for inflation, still hadn't been "patched" for 2012, meaning it would catch 27 million more Americans in its claws. There are even new Medicare taxes and a 3.8% "unearned income Medicare contribution" on earned income and investment income for individuals earning over $200,000 and joint filers earning over $250,000. (Okay, those new Medicare taxes aren't technically part of the "fiscal cliff" -- but they don't give upper-income earners much reason to cheer 2013, either!)

But the fiscal cliff also threatened some dramatic estate tax changes as w