Final Tax Thoughts for 2012

2013 is almost here, and it looks like that old Grinch is leaving a "fiscal cliff" under everyone's tree. Here are a few final thoughts to help usher in the New Year:

"There's no line on the tax return that asks 'what are you not telling us?'" -- Robert Goulder (tax attorney)

"The rich, indeed, are different from the rest of us; they have shiftier tax lawyers." -- Jim McTeague (columnist, Barron's)

"Dear Tax Commissioner: Three years ago I cheated on my taxes. Since then I have been unable to sleep at night. Enclosed is $5,000. If I still can’t sleep, I’ll send you the rest." -- Anonymous

"If you are truly serious about preparing your child for the future, don't teach him to subtract — teach him to deduct." -- Fran Lebowitz

"The ancient Egyptians built elaborate fortresses and tunnels and even posted guards at tombs to stop grave robbers. In today’s America, we call that estate planning." -- Rep. William R. Archer (former Chair, House Ways and Means Committee)

"A tax lawyer is a person who is good with numbers but does not have enough personality to be an accountant." -- James D. Gordon III (BYU Law School)

"Make sure you pay your taxes; otherwise you can get in a lot of trouble." -- Richard M. Nixon

"Just because you have a briefcase full of cash doesn't mean you're out to cheat the government." -- Pete Rose

"From a tax point of view, you're better off raising horses or cattle than children." -- Former U.S. Rep. Patricia Schroeder

We wish I could tell you exactly what's going to happen with the fiscal cliff and taxes. But I can promise I'll be here to help you make the best of it, in 2013 and beyond. And remember, I’m here for your family, friends, and colleagues too!

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