Accounting & Assurance

Your financial statements play an important role in establishing the credibility of your company's financial position and help you plan for your company’s future growth. At Scholl & Company, we provide different levels of assurance for your financial statements including compilations and detailed reviews. If your company needs audited financial statements we have specialized services which will help you prepare for the most efficient audit possible.

With a thorough analysis of each situation, we tailor our accounting and assurance services to deliver exactly what you require. We bring proven experience across a wide range of industries financial services, insurance, education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, construction wholesale and the nonprofit sectors.

As a full-service CPA and business advisory firm, Scholl & Company provides all of our clients with the precise level of accounting and assurance services that’s right for their business. We have the technical expertise to diagnose your problems and offer established, real-world solutions. You can count on your Scholl & Company team for the clarity and guidance you need move forward with confidence.

Types of Financial Statements

Audit:  An audit is the highest level of service that can be offered. The objective of an audit is for the auditing CPA firm to express an opinion as to whether your financial statements present your financial status, operations, and cash flows in accordance with generally accepted accounting principals (GAAP), or other comprehensive basis of accounting (OCBOA) such as the income tax or cash basis.

Review:  The scope of a review is substantially reduced from that of an audit.  It is also based on our understanding of your organization and the environment in which you operate.  In a review, we perform analytical procedures, make inquires, and obtain management representations.  We are then in a position to state that we are not aware of any material modifications that should be made to your financial statements in order for them to conform with GAAP and OCBOA.

Compilation:  A compilation gives the lowest level of assurance on your financial statements.  A compilation report indicates that the information in the financial statements is the representation of management and that we have expressed no opinion on the content.  We do, however, assist you in determining if your financial statements comply with the disclosure requirements of GAAP and OCBOA.

Free, No-Obligation Consultation 

We would be honored to chat with you about your accounting, tax and finances -- whether personal or business. We offer a Free, No-Obligation consultation (at your place or ours). During our meeting we will discuss your concerns and questions and let you know how we can help you and our costs. Our consultations are not just sales pitches, we will offer you some solid ideas and solutions to help you right off the bat. To schedule a consultation at a time convenient for you call us at any office or call us toll-free at (888) 758-5966 or click here to email us.